Household Sustainability

Get practical tips and advice for greener living from our Sustainable Living Guide.

There are over 100 residential estates listed in our database complete with contact names, addresses and telephone numbers. Ennis Tidy Towns keep in regular contact with this group informing them of clean-up days, opening times for recycling centre and for Inagh Landfill. This website will act as a resource for these groups advising them of initiatives to enhance their living space.

These days not only should we live a greener (or more sustainable) life for the sake of the environment, it also makes good economic sense.  Oil and gas prices are constantly on the rise, bin charges regularly increase and lets not even mention the impending water charges!! So below you’ll find simple, effective and cost reducing ideas to reduce your energy, waste creation and water consumption.  Not only will this benefit the environment it’ll also keep a few extra bob in your pocket!  Any suggestions on improvements to these lists are welcome to

Energy SavingTips     Waste Minimisation

Water Conservation