Ennis Tidy Towns is thrilled with the new collaboration with Coder Dojo Ennis to develop fun, coding games all with a TidyTowns Ireland theme!

Ninjas were challenged to create an Ennis Tidy Towns-themed project, and in the midst of a viral lock-down many of them did!

Try out the entries to the competition here. Note these are best viewed with a computer (rather than a mobile) as many of the projects require use of a keyboard.

Ennis Tidy Towns Competition
by Decisawesome
To reach the end of the game you must get 15 points. Instructions: Move the mouse pointer Up and Down to get the ‘Tidy Towns Cat’ active. At the same time use the Spacebar to shoot litter into the bin. Try not to hit the walls otherwise you will lose points! When you reach the finish you have tidied Ennis. Good luck! :)
Notes and Credits:
Ennis Tidy Town Competition 2020. Photo copyright Joseph Mischshyn (www.geograph.ie/photo/3034180).

Rubbish Picking
by monkeyboi2
Use arrow keys to move Go to rubbish Bin to dump your rubbish if your bag is full please Like and Star
Notes and Credits:
Thanks to Bampi1 on scratch for the help!

by consularalan

Lets clean up!
by funnyFerdea

Bee Tidy
by missielemons
Press the green flag to start
help Polly collect pollen
what score will you get!

Clean Up time!
by Myweekendsrule
Use the arrow keys to move the tidy towns person and just sit back and enjoy!!!

Don’t be Mean, Keep the Planet Clean:)
by msknowitall2
The aim of this game is to pick up as much rubbish as possible before the game is over. Every time you click on a piece of litter you earn a point. However, if you step on dog poo, your score will be set back zero:(
Notes and Credits:
The idea of this project is to pick up litter around your home town. I have added in little obstacles that you would try to avoid in real life.

Green Hero
Due to excess in litter and nuclear radiation, the rubbish of Ennis has mutated into monsters known as Litterbugs. You, the Green Hero, are our last hope. You must gain a score high enough by shooting Litterbugs to challenge the three Mother Litterbugs at the Ennis Cathedral, Market Square, and the Daniel O’Connell Statue.
Get to the Bin Obby
You will need to install Roblox in order to play this one (click on the Play button and it will guide you)! Lead your character over obstacles and get to the bin!