Discover Wild About Ennis Biodiversity

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the nature all around us, everywhere and in our everyday life. Biodiversity is life and sustains life on Earth. Biodiversity refers to:

  • all living things, including plants, animals, microbes, fungi and people
  • the places where plants and animals live or habitats
  • the interactions among living things and their environment

Biodiversity provides us with clean air and water, food, fuel, building products and medicines. It also provides us with many free ‘services’ such as nutrient recycling, pollination and water filtration etc. Making space for nature in our towns and villages enhances and protects the local environment, and improves our quality of life by providing natural amenities for recreation such as swimming, fishing, walking, and relaxing.

The Ennis Tidy Towns initiative, Wild About Ennis, aims to raise awareness of biodiversity and work together with the community to benefit nature, wildlife, the environment and the local community.

We hope this area can help you  Discover the Biodiversity of Ennis to help protect and enhance the rich natural heritage of our town.