Here are the Top 50 Water Conservation Tips!

1. When washing dishes by hand, don’t let the water run while rinsing. Fill one sink with wash water and the other with rinse water.
2. Run your clothes washer and dishwasher only when they are full. You can save nearly 4,000 litres a month.
3. For cold drinks keep a jug of water in the fridge instead of running the tap. This way, every drop goes down you and not the drain.
4. Water your lawn and garden in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler to minimize evaporation (like we ever get good Summers anymore!!).
5. Wash your fruits and vegetables in a basin of water instead of running water from the tap.
6. Spreading a layer of organic mulch around plants retains moisture and saves water, time and money.
7. If your shower fills a one-gallon bucket in less than 20 seconds, replace the showerhead with a water-efficient model.
8. Collect the water you use for rinsing fruits and vegetables, then reuse it to water houseplants.
9. We’re more likely to notice leaks indoors, but don’t forget to check outdoor faucets, sprinklers and hoses for leaks.
10. When buying new appliances, consider those that offer cycle and load size adjustments. They’re more water and energy efficient.
11. Shorten your shower by a minute or two and you’ll save up to 600 litres per month.
12. Upgrade older toilets with water efficient models.  Or just place a brick or filled 2 litre bottle in the cistern as this will reduce the refill volume!
13. Adjust your lawn mower to a higher setting. A taller lawn shades roots and holds soil moisture better than if it is closely clipped.
14. If you have a fish tank, give the nutrient-rich water to your plants.
15. Put food coloring in your toilet tank. If it seeps into the toilet bowl without flushing, you have a leak. Fixing it can save up to 3,500 litres a month.
16. When running a bath, insert the plug before turning the water on, then adjust the temperature as the tub fills up.
17. Collect water from your roof to water your garden.
18. Designate one glass for your drinking water each day or refill a water bottle. This will cut down on the number of glasses to wash.
19. Don’t use running water to thaw food. Defrost food in the refrigerator for water efficiency and food safety.
20. Grab a wrench and fix that leaky tap. It’s simple, inexpensive, and you can save 530 litres a week.
21. When doing laundry, match the water level to the size of the load.
22. Teach children to turn off taps tightly after each use.
23. Use a water-efficient showerhead. They’re inexpensive, easy to install, and can save you up to 2,800 litres a month.
Soak pots and pans instead of letting the water run while you scrape them clean.
24. Know where your master water shut-off valve is located. This could save water and prevent damage to your home.
25. Use a layer of organic material on the surface of your planting beds to minimize weed growth that competes for water.
26. Use a commercial car wash that recycles water.
27. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and save 90 litres a month.
28. If your dishwasher is new, cut back on rinsing. Newer models clean more thoroughly than older ones.
29. Bathe your young children together – just like when we were growing up!
30. Insulate hot water pipes for more immediate hot water at the faucet and for energy savings.
31. Drop your tissue in the trash instead of flushing it and save water every time.
32. Use a hose nozzle or turn off the water while you wash your car. You’ll save up to 370 litres every time.
33. Share water conservation tips with friends and neighbours – just like we are doing now!
34. Washing dark clothes in cold water saves both on water and energy while it helps your clothes to keep their colors.
35. Listen for dripping taps and running toilets. Fixing a leak can save over 1100 litres a month or more.
36. Water only when necessary. More plants die from over-watering than from under-watering.
37. One more way to get eight glasses of water a day is to re-use the water left over from cooked or steamed foods to start a scrumptious and nutritious soup.
38. Turn off the water while you wash your hair to save 500 litres a month.
39. Wash your pets outdoors in an area of your lawn that needs water.
40. When shopping for a new washing machine, check out the Energy Rating. Higher ones save up to 75 litres per load, and energy too.
41. When washing dishes by hand, fill the sink basin or a large container and rinse when all of the dishes have been soaped and scrubbed.
42. Turn off the water while you shave and save up to 1100 litres a month.  Or else just fill the sink first!
43. When you give your pet fresh water, don’t throw the old water down the drain. Use it to water your trees or shrubs.
44. If you accidentally drop ice cubes when filling your glass from the freezer, don’t throw them in the sink. Drop them in a house plant instead.
45. To save water and time, consider washing your face or brushing your teeth while in the shower.
46. While staying in a hotel or even at home, consider reusing your towels.
47. For hanging baskets, planters and pots, place ice cubes under the moss or dirt to give your plants a cool drink of water and help eliminate water overflow.
48. When you have ice left in your cup from a take-out restaurant, don’t throw it in the trash, dump it on a plant.
49. Keep a bucket in the shower to catch water as it warms up or runs. Use this water to flush toilets or water plants.
50. When you are washing your hands, don’t let the water run while you lather.