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    Ennis Tidy Towns Local Awards

    ENNIS TIDY TOWNS LOCAL AWARDS NIGHT Ennis’ win as 2016 Ireland’s Tidiest Large Urban centre attracted a huge attendance at the Local Awards Night which was held last Thursday 24th November.  Dr. Janice Fuller’s excellent presentation on the importance of planting to increase pollinator activity was well received.  Adjudicators were impressed with the high standard […]

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    Repak: Pakman Awards

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    Regional Tidy Towns Awards

     Ennis Tidy Towns Committee collecting three Awards at the Regional Tidy Towns Awards which was held in Woodstock on Tuesday 1st November 2016.  The Awards were Regional Tidiest Large Urban Centre, Gold Medal and County Award.  Save

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    9 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Pollinators in 2017

    October is a great time of year. It’s just chilly enough to dig out all your fashionable woollen accessories, you have an excuse to drink tea non-stop and there are heavy, soothing rainstorms on the roof as you fall asleep. Even better, the natural world is still extremely active. When you think of pollinators, autumn […]

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    Biodiversity Plan Workshop

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ennis Tidy Towns would like to invite interested individuals from Ennis as well as tidy towns and community groups throughout the County to a Biodiversity Plan workshop in the Old Ground Hotel on September 14 at 7:30pm and Wednesday September 28th Waterpark House. .  This will be one of two workshops aimed at developing a community […]

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  • Biodiversity Survey for Ennis

    Ennis Tidy Towns Biodiversity Work Group under the direction of Dr. Janice Fuller, is embarking on writing a Biodiversity Plan for Ennis. With this in mind It would be of enormous help to the group if you would complete the brief 10 question survey below.    https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DJJMG8V

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  • Summer Baskets….

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  • Whats new……..

    This week Ennis Tidy Town spy, Roxy, spots that (1) Ennis General Hospital is seeking planning permission to carry out improvement works to the boundary (2) the public seats at the People’s park need painting and (3) Knox’s Bridge Amenity area is looking refreshed. On her review of progress she notices that (1) boundary walls […]

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    Younger Voices Group

    A big Thank You to the Younger Voices Group from the Clare Youth Service who assisted in picking up litter on 20.06.2015 on the Lahinch Road.

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    Garden benches beside the river

    We would like to thank the Brothers of Charity for painting the garden benches beside the river.  The fresh paint has made a huge difference and they look beautiful.

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