Recording Biodiversity Online – Biodiversity Lecture Series

Recording Biodiversity Online Lecture

Wonderful turnout  for our first ‘Wild about Ennis’ Biodiversity Lecture 2019 from Ben Malone of Biodiversity Ireland / National Biodiversity Data Centre!

Ben Malone of the National Biodiversity Data Centre kicks off our 2019 Biodiversity Lecture Series helping us to explore the very meaning of citizen science and how it is becoming a core means through which the Data Centre is collating vast sums of information relating to Ireland’s biodiversity.

Ireland’s biodiversity is under threat and knowing what species occur where is vital when aiming to conserve wildlife. Playing your part in documenting Ireland’s wildlife has never been easier, we learned from Ben how to record your local wildlife and how to find out what biodiversity is in your area.

Great work being done by Ben and the team in Waterford.

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