Habitat Management Guidelines

Follow these tips for the various green areas to help maintain the biodiversity of our local environment.

Habitat Management Road VergesRoad Verge Grasslands

  1. Mow the grassland along road verges less tightly in order to encourage wildflowers to flower and set seed.
  2. Do not spray herbicides unless controlling invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed.

Habitat Management GardensGardens

  1. Plant a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers in your garden, especially native species e.g. Rowan and Guelder Rose
  2. Use only native wildflower plants and seeds that have been grown in Ireland. For native seeds try http://www.wildflowers.ie/
  3. Aim for a mixture of plants that flower and set seed or fruit at different times of the year, providing a continuous source of food for wildlife

Habitat Management Public GreenPublic Grasslands

  1. Reduce the mowing regime to allow grassland flowers such as Buttercups, Clovers and Daisies to flower to help the pollinators
  2. Leave some areas unmown during the summer months to create a meadow grassland – Mow early and late in the  season, collect the clippings and compost