Litter Control

Ennis Tidy Towns’ Litter Control  projects concentrate on the Absence of litter and dumping, the existence of regular litter patrols and other planned activities including involvement of schools, promotion of anti-litter awareness.

Some of the ongoing projects include:

  • Gum Litter Task Force  – Public Awareness Events, Organised Clean-Ups and Free Gum Buster Lending
  • Graffiti Project – Collaborative Assessment and Innovative Action Plan
  • Fly Tipping Monitoring – Ongoing Monitoring and Prosecution
  • Food Littering Awareness Campaign – Initiative to Educate the Impact of Food Litter
  • Dog Foul – Tackling dog waste through innovation and humour with Sminky Shorts

If you have a plan to clean up an area, register your area on our website.