Ennis Tidy Towns 3 Year Plan

Ennis Tidy Towns has launched a Strategic 3 year Plan outlining the vision of work that will be completed by the committee from 2018-2021 and has submitted this for the national Tidy Towns competition.

The plan was developed with feedback from the community gathered at open workshops and a consultation process with local businesses.

Community Voice

Community input has been gathered by hosting two workshops that open to the public and businesses of Ennis. These meetings were well attended, we are grateful for the enthusiasm about future of our town that was demonstrated. The community’s views of strengths and challenges within the town is essential information to help form our strategy.

These workshops included the artistic creation of the ‘Ideal Ennis’ and brainstorming sessions for fantastic project ideas that were complementary to both Tidy Towns and the general well-being of Ennis.

The Plan

The plan contains a number of proposals such as iconic entrance signs to the town, a dedicated dog park and monitoring of vacant sites for illegal dumping.

To view the full Strategic 3 year Plan  click here.