Ennis Tidy Towns Youth Litter Busters

Ennis Tidy Towns youth litter busters are clear to be seen picking up litter and debris along approach roads in Ennis. Committee Chairman, Noel Crowley asks people to please dispose of their litter appropriately by placing it in one of the many litter bins located around. He also commended the hard work by the young litter pickers and their supervisors.” It is not too much to ask people to hold onto their litter until they reach their home or come across a bin. In this day and age we really should not have to pick up after people. We all need to have a bit more pride in our town and ensure it always looks its best. This is a busy tourist season as well as the traditional judging period in the Tidy Towns. We want everyone visiting our town to leave with a positive experience”. It is time for us all to have some civic pride”, he said.

Clean up activities are ongoing over the next couple of weeks. The Ennis Tidy Towns Committee encourages people to start their own clean up initiatives by organising a group in their own area to work together to ensure it is presented to the highest of standards. Ennis Tidy Towns will arrange for litter to be picked up and will also supply bags and gloves to the volunteers.

People are also asked to advise the Ennis Tidy Towns of any areas that require attention. Contact Margaret on 065 6842988 and advise us of your location.

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