Ennis Tidy Town’s Vision for 2021

Strategic 3 year Plan

Ennis Tidy Town’s local committee launched the Strategic 3 year plan this week and have submitted this to the national Tidy Towns competition.

This plan outlines the vision of the work that Ennis Tidy Towns hope to achieve during 2018-2021. Included in the document is a mission statement that will guide the delivery of projects during these 3 years:

“To enhance quality of life for all in Ennis through positive social change and community involvement. ”

Through the input of Ennis residents, community organisations, Clare County Council and national benchmarking, this plan recommends a number of medium to long projects for the committee to pursue. Some of the key projects proposed are iconic entrance signs to Ennis, monitoring vacant sites for illegal dumping and improve the visual attractiveness and accessibility of our towns lanes and bows.

The plan finishes by explaining:

“In conclusion, despite our strong recommendations and actions, this is a dynamic document that is meant to be forward-looking. It is meant to be inspirational and provide concrete examples of how to execute projects and initiatives. These projects will sow the seeds of ideas that will flourish when nurtured by the community. This Plan is not intended to be seen as the complete answer, rather, this is a culmination of possible solutions.”

To view the full Strategic 3 year Plan click here or visit the 3 year Plan Project page.




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